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Made Publishers is a boutique periodical and book publisher with offices in Melbourne (Australia) and Los Angeles (United States). Founded in 2007, Made produces editions and books dedicated to design, photography, fashion, art, architecture, and health and lifestyle. All of Made’s publications share the same underlying principles with an emphasis on quality content and high production value.

Made Publishers has an extremely versatile brand identity that features the monospaced typeface Maison Neue as a subtle nod to the heritage of writing. The logo is comprised of  ‘stacked’ book spines that can be used in a number of configurations, depending on the application. A simple black and white color palette has been selected to ensure a neutral backdrop for a diverse range of publications.

The Made Publishers website is a bespoke site that is designed to specifically showcase the publications, focusing on their design and quality of content. The site features responsive design and development for use across multiple platforms and devices, use of embedded web fonts, as well as  a streamlined e-commerce checkout process.

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